The Best of 2020

We are part way into 2021 now and I feel it time to reflect on last year’s cake creations. I asked myself this question… “What are my top 5 favourite cakes of 2020?” And these are my chosen 5

I didn’t just select these cakes purely because they look the best (but it didn’t have a small part to play..) But also for the enjoyment they brought to me in making them and to the people who received them. It does seems sad that I have only selected 5 as my best, as I can tell you it was a hard pick! And who could forget the array of 50 christmas cakes, made for clients and the local shops. But these five where a learning curve, where I used new products, like sugar paste and modelling fondant and new techniques, as well as testing my modelling skills. I’m proud to say that each topper is handmade and done by eye and each cake inside is made using quality ingredients with free range eggs and no added preservatives, ensuring that you get that authentic homemade cake taste that is delicious.

Moving on… “How to make 2021 cakes as better than 2020’s?” is now the question for this year and I look forward to embracing what new challenges, recipes and newly required skills are to come.


Published by emmmscakes

I'm a cake maker & decorator based in the beautiful countryside of Kent. I love to bake cakes suited to my amazing customers, to help spread happiness and joy. I bake with passions for flavours and attention to detail. I bake from my 5 star rated kitchen, producing delicious, custom designed cakes for individuals and scrummmy traditional treat cakes to my local village shop and farm shop so no one misses out on getting there hands on one of my cakes.

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