Merry Christmas!


Welcome to the final Scrummmy Friday before Christmas.

Here is something to get you in the festive mood.

These Santa and Snow man cupcakes toppers are fun and easy to do.

Here’s how…

Starting with Santa

Bake your favourite cupcake, my was Vanilla.

Roll out coloured fondant or ready to roll icing with a round cookie cutter, that the same size of the cupcake. Cut out circles to make the base of the faces.


Then with the same colour fondant, roll into balls then press to flatten it out into a nose shape.

Next roll out red fondant and cut out circles (again with the same size cookie cutter) then move the cutter down to cut a semi-circle to create a hat. Stick together using a small amount to cooled boiled water

Roll out white fondant and with the jagged edge of the cutter, cut out circles. With the smooth edge of the cutter cut another semi-circle (quite narrow, see picture) to make the woolly edge of Santa’s hat. With the remaining white circle, using a knife, slice across to make Santa’s beard. Again Sticking them together with a little water.


With a little pink or red food colouring and a small brush, dabble a little amount of colouring on to santa’s face for his rosie cheeks. Then fix on his nose with a little water. With black fondant, make two tiny eyes and press on.

Using a small amount of buttercream to fix the faces/toppers to the cupcakes.

Be creative, imaginative and most important of all….have fun!

I think Santa would love to get one of these upon delivery of gifts!!

Merry Christmas All

And I will be blogging again in the new year.

Em x

Cupcake Bouquet


The newest addition to Emmm’s Cakes portfolio – Cupcake Bouquets

A beautiful and yummy display of elegant buttercream cupcake roses formed into a bouquet.

The perfect table center piece for tea parties and wedding functions, that can also be used as wedding favours.

These beautiful little cupcakes, full of yumminess, can be made to your favourite flavour and colour.

Corporate Cupcakes

IMG_1020  IMG_1015

Corporate Cupcakes – 5th December 2014

I made these ‘winter wonderland’ themed cupcakes with these adorable little snow- men and ladies, for my local council office presentation day.

Brighten up meeting and conferences with fun and colourful cupcakes. Why not personalise them with your company name or club logo.

These can be used as a thank you gift or for fund raising events.

Mellow Cupcakes

It’s Sunday, my day off but I’m getting all itchy from not baking and creating something yummy in my kitchen.

So with a little help from my daughter, we baked these luscious mellow cupcakes!

Mellow cupcakes
Mellow cupcakes